Palominas Elementary School District
Baseball team giving high fives to opposing team

Lobo News

At Coronado Elementary School, we appreciate our involved parents and community members. We also enjoy broadcasting our latest news and information here. Check back often as we chronicle student activities and achievements and publish school announcements.

Lunch Box Newsletter

Our food service team has been preparing and is ready to get back in our kitchens. We take great pride in our food programs and appreciate you letting us feed your children. This year we are working to better our menu choices, improve parent and student involvement, and implementing a more friendly lunch environment. We hope you enjoy the changes and have a wonderful and successful school year! Please view our lunch box newsletter for more information.

Our New Principal

We would like to welcome Shelley Woodman as our new principal at Coronado Elementary School! Please take a moment to read her letter. Make sure you take the opportunity to introduce yourself, and let's make our new principal feel welcome here at Coronado Elementary.